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Wotofo | Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA | 28.5mm | Parallel & Series Build Decks | A MrJustRight1 Project WOTOPROFPS

by Wotofo

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Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA

28.5mm Build Deck

Includes different pins for Parallel or Series coil builds

Uses Replaceable Mesh Strips: WOTONEXM, WOTOPBC-MESH, OFRFNEXMESH & the new WOTOPBC-0.3MESH


Available in various colours

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  • Description

    Wotofo | Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA | 28.5mm | Parallel & Series Build Decks | A MrJustRight1 Project


    Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA - A MrJustRight1 Project

     Wotofo Profile PS

    Double Up the Mesh, Double Up the Performance


    Wanna level up your single mesh vape? Enter the Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA! Once again, Wotofo have collaborated with MrJustRight1 in hopes of bringing pure flavour and excellent vape to all vapers worldwide. With the Profile PS, you're in the safe sone with Ohm's Law when building with dual mesh coils of low resistance. How? Turn the usual parallel deck into a series deck!


    A series deck will give you 4 x the resistance from the same build on a parallel deck, essentially treating your dual mesh as one long singular coil, increasing the resistance.

    • The Maths: Single Coil = X Ohm
    • Final Resistance of Dual Coils in Parallel = X / 2 Ohm
    • Final Resistance of Dual Coils in Series = X * 2 Ohm
    Wotofo Profile PS
    Switching between parallel and series is easy (the Profile PS is installed with the solid parallel pin) - Remove both parts of the contact pin & find the converter pin included in the package and install it to replace the contact pin.
    Wotofo Profile PS
    Wotofo Profile PS


    All of the previous mesh strips designed for the original Profile, Profile 1.5 & Profile RDA are compatible with the dual mesh build deck, including the: WOTONEXM, WOTOPBC-MESH, OFRFNEXMESH & the new WOTOPBC-0.3MESH

     Wotofo Profile PS

    The flexible honeycomb airflow design smooths the flow of air sand straightens it out to evenly hit on the heating coils for greater efficiency.

    Wotofo Profile PS 

    In addition to direct dripping, the Profile PS also comes equipped with both series and parallel capable squonk pins so you can attach the RDA to your favourite bottom-fed mod, as well as a deep juice well to keep the wick refreshed!

     Wotofo Profile PS

    The Profile PS is also very easy to build on. It has larger deck space and all of the wonderful features that the original Profile deck has, like the clamp-securing system and spring loaded ceramic support for effective mesh and cotton cotton contact. To sum it up, you get a warmer vape experience, massive vapour production and fabulous flavour delivery!



    • RDA Type: Dual Mesh RDA
    • Deck Diameter: 28.5mm
    • Overall Height: 35.5mm (Incl 810 Drip Tip & 510 Pin)
    • Drip Tip: 810 Resin Drip Tip
    • Coil Configuration: Dual Mesh in Parallel or Series
    • Included Mesh Resistance: 0.3 Ohm (0.6 Ohm Series, 0.15 Ohm Parallel)
    • Wattage Range: 60-90W
    • Recommended Wattage: 75-85W
    • Juice Feeding Method: Drip / Squonk
    • Airflow Type: Adjustable Side Airflow
    • Body Material: Stainless Steel
    • Insulator Material: German PEEK
    • Threading: 510


    Package Contents:

    • 1 x Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA (Parallel Deck Solid Pin Pre-Installed)
    • 2 x 0.3 Ohm Wotofo Mesh Strips
    • 2 x 6mm Thick Cotton Strips
    • 1 x Coil Bending Tool
    • 1 x Allen Key
    • 1 x Accessory Bag
    • 1 x User Manual
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