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Elements NS10 & NS20 Range

NS20 Aspire Gusto Pods

Elements NS20 E-Liquids contained in Aspire Gusto Pods. Designed to be used with the Aspire Gusto closed loop system.

Pods include 2ml of liquid & an atomizer head, which are easily replaced by the user and then disposed of. The pods are refillable, but we recommend only doing this once due to the life of the coil heads.

2ml Pod - Triple Pack (3 x 2ml) - 20mg Nicotine Salts

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NS10 & NS20 Range

A next level vaping phenomenon, Element’s new nic salt e-liquid achieves maximum nicotine delivery with minimal hit, yielding optimum fulfillment within a smooth, flavorful vape experience. At 20mg, Ns20 offers the highest allowable nicotine content in the EU, and the quality is, shall we say, “elementally” unmistakable.

Available in 14 delicious flavors spanning our Premium Dripper, FAR, Emulsions and Tobacconist lines, Ns20 brings out the best of Element E-Liquid in a premium salt nicotine vape juice.

Manufactured in the USA - 60/40 VG/PG - 10ml TPD Compliant Bottles - 10/20mg Nicotine Salt

Perfect for starter kits & stealth kits (but can be used in sub ohm devices too), Nicotine Salt E-Liquids have a proven much higher conversion rate from smokers to vaping as the higher levels of nicotine mean less chain vaping.

Nicotine salt eLiquids are designed to administer a more potent nicotine hit than the vast majority of current eLiquids provide, and aims to provide the user with a more "natural" nicotine rush that's similar to smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette.

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