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E-Cigarettes & Accessories


All the latest hardware, accessories & coils available at BKS. Updated regularly.

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All Kits (Tanks & Batteries)

E-Cigarette Kits. These are generally ready-to-use kits that include both mods and tank. Please note some kits require additional batteries (not included).

Box Mods (Standalone Battery Units)

E-Cigarette box mods, some include batteries built into the mod itself, while some require external batteries (not included).

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Mech Mods & Kits

Mechanical mods are the most basic but most advanced mods at the same time. Tube style mods are generally extremely durable cylindrical devices where the firing button makes direct contact with the battery, as well as some more box mod style devices where the firing button completes a simple circuit in either parallel or series configurations.

Because of the direct contact with the battery there is no chip or safety mechanisms in place, meaning they will fire anything thrown at them, which can make them dangerous if not used correctly. However, when used correctly, mechs produce some of the best flavour, vape production and hits that money can buy!

Please note: Mech Mods are unregulated devices that should only be used by experienced vapers & builders with an understanding of Ohm's Law

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Bottom Feed Mods & Kits

BF mods are devices that have an e-liquid container built into the device that can be squeezed to push the liquid up into your RDA through a bottom feed pin replacing the standard 510 pin. This reduces the need to carry e-liquid around with you all day and re-drip constantly. Kits can also be used with a standard RDA.

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Pod Systems / Stealth Vapes

Pod systems & stealth vapes are perfect for working environments where giant mods and tanks just aren't practical. These kits are also easily affordable and perfect for newly quitting smokers, offering a good nicotine and throat hit, especially when used with liquids containing nicotine salts.

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Pen Style Vape Kits

Pen Style vape kits offer ease of use with generally only one firing option, as well as easy portability and a low profile. Pen kits can vary from MTL starter kits to DTL cloud machines all in a small form factor!

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Tanks have come a long way since the early days of vaping! With a wide variety of designs, colours, coil configurations and more you'll be sure to find something that your customers will love!

All tanks that we stock are max 2ml capacity in accordance with EU TPD regulations.

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RDA / RDTA / RTA & Accessories

Our selection of Rebuildables! RTA, RDTA, RDA's and accessories. Perfect for the avid DIY vaper.

Rebuildable atomisers offer much more variety in the type of coils, flavour, vape production and styling than your traditional e-cigarette tanks.

RDAs are designed as cloud chasing sport devices, not designed to be used with liquid containing nicotine.

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Coils & Wire

All of our coils in one handy category!

E-Cigarette coils come in a large variety of different variations and ohmages, including some pre-built coils designed for RDAs.

Batteries & Chargers

Batteries to fit most E-Cigarette mods & the necessary chargers to keep them going.

Including 18350, 18650, 20700 & 21700 Batteries in different mAh capacity and ampage ratings, as well as some ego thread battery mods.

While many kits now provide USB charging, using an external charger is generally safer, faster and keeps your batteries in better condition without overcharging.

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Vape Cotton

Cotton used for wicking your RDA & RTA builds. Different cultivation methods & types of cotton can produce widely different results, get the perfect type for your customers here!

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Accessories, Drip Tips & Spare Glass


Aspire is a Chinese vape brand that was established in 2013, and has always been dedicated to provide customers with high quality products as well as attentive service. From the very beginning, Aspire has put continuous effort into establishing close and stable relationships with its domestic and oversea distributors, by cooperating with distributors, Aspire has founded service centers worldwide to provide customers with quick and efficient support. With the efforts and creativity of the Aspire team, we have quickly became one of the leading brands in the vaping industry.

Canna Cotton

Canna Cotton, the first Cotton world wide with Hemp, Canna Cotton is the new innovation in vaping cotton!

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Coil Art

Our range of Mech Kits & RDAs from Coil Art. Discover your flavour!!

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Coil Master

Coil Master are exactly what they sound like, the masters of coils! Offering a wide range of coil building tools and vape accessories they are sure to be a hit with experienced and novice builders alike!

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Diamond Mist

Diamond Mist E-Cigarettes, Coils & Accessories.

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Our range of battery chargers from Efest.

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The original intention of establishing Famovape was very simple, that is, let more people feel the fashion and trend of vaping. The founder of the company brand had contacted vaping device and engaged in the sale of electronic cigarettes during his life in the UK. He has a good understanding of the functions of vaping devices and the people who use them.

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Flatwire UK / Warrior Wire

Flatwire UK is a fantastic range of different gauges of flat wire perfect for seasoned coil builders. Below is a mission statement from the founder:

"I was curious…….
And that’s how I turned flat wire into FlatwireUK (all rights reserved now).
In a nutshell – to get lower resistance, you use thicker wire. That takes up more space. It is painfully long.
So – same low resistance > surface area = more cloud/much vapour/weather machine.
And then I had friends who did crazy builds, and met cool people, and introduced me to other products that were relevant, and etc etc etc. Basically – welcome to FlatwireUK – where you can get pretty much your essential bad-ass needs for chucking big clouds. All your other basic bitch stuff you can get on Google."

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Geek Vape / Digiflavor

Our selection of RDAs, Tanks & Mods from Geek Vape & Digiflavor

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Hellvape is truly a pioneering design and manufacturing firm of Vapor and Personal Electronic Products. We dedicate to engineering authentic, top quality and extremely unique vaping devices.

View our selection of Hellvape RDAs & accessories!

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IJOY is one of the leaders in the global electronic vape industry. IJOY prides itself on having superior quality, industrial design , and new innovative functions which have been the key elements to our products. Not only have we changed the image of traditional tobacco products, but we also have brought the ability of combining functionality and beauty to the next level.

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Innokin was founded in 2011 with the goal of combining technological innovation, leading designs and the highest standards of quality to create the best electronic cigarettes and Advanced Personal Vaporizers in the world. Innokin electronic cigarettes give you true vaping freedom. With Innokin ecigs you simply add your preferred eLiquid flavors and then you select the precise power output which creates a perfect taste with the ideal amount of vapor.

Limitless Mod Company

Limitless Mod Company are an extremely popular branch of iJoy who are a manufacturer of mods & tanks, known for their high customisability and fantastic styling.

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Overpowered Mod Co

Overpowered Mod Co are an American mechanical mod manufacturer, speciailising in beautiful 21700 stacked mods.

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Smok E-Cigarettes, Coils & Accessories.

SMOK are industry leaders in the vaping market, providing a large range of extremely popular e-cig kits. We are official distributors and stock a large range of their hardware, with new products coming out regularly. We also hold a large quantity of coils which are always in demand.

SMOK, founded in 2010 is the leading brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co Limited, which is professional in electronic cigarette research and development, production and sales in all markets worldwide. SMOK centres on electronic cigarette technology research and development, focuses on brand building and sales channels development and management home and abroad and continue to innovate. Their products are enjoyed by over 80 million consumers worldwide, making SMOK a first class global brand in the electronic cigarette industry in just 7 short years.

SMOK is dedicated to creating new vaping experiences for their customers. Focusing on product quality and safety and creating better vaping experiences in all aspects of the vaping world!


Snowwolf are a sub brand of Sigelei that focus on high end styled mods & tanks while keeping the price affordable.

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Vandy Vape

Founded in 2016, Vandy Vape is growing exponentially and innovating the e-cigarette and vape industry from Shenzhen. They specialize in producing and selling E-cig’s and Accessories worldwide. They are committed to creating electronic cigarettes of superior performance, flavor, and quality - while maintaining affordability. Vandy Vape remains true to its principles of exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

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Vaperz Cloud

Vaperz Cloud is built on the premise of supplying the best quality products for cloud chasers at an affordable price. We try to stay ahead of the game by offering you the latest vape gear available.

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Vaporesso are a dominant force in the vaping industry due to their breakthrough innovative designs. They are manufacturers of vape kits, atomizers, coils and mods & batteries – as well as vaping accessories to help you easily make the transition from cigarettes to vaping.

Their goal is to help smokers free themselves from the harmful effects of tobacco smoking along with the unpleasant lingering odour and dirty ash, and also offer exciting top brand devices for both the casual and pro vaper.

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Wholesale Voopoo Vaping Products

VOOPOO was established in 2014.

After the acquisition of the U.S. brand WOODYVAPES in 2017, the company officially entered the e-cigarette industry, and develop rapidly with good sales performance all over the world. VOOPOO aims to serve the tens of millions of e-cigarette users across the globe. With its product line covering from entry-level to enthusiast- level, the brand demonstrates its relentless pursuit of technology and continuously excelling technique in every detail.

Upholding the craftsmanship, VOOPOO leads the industry standards of both technology and technique. Moreover, with its innovation, the company successfully sets the world's fastest ignition speed, and creates the power compensation mode, so that e-cigarettes are more scientific, more intelligent and more secure.

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Wick 'N' Vape / Cotton Bacon

Our products by wick n vape / cotton bacon

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Wholesale Distributors of Wotofo Vaping Products in the UK

The premium vaping brand WOTOFO was founded in China in 2012. At the time, the future of the e-cigarette industry seemed uncertain, but members in the WOTOFO team were still vigorously dedicated to offering the best vaping products and services which, sure enough, received tons of positive feedback afterwards. In 2015, the Troll RDA, which aroused increasing needs of more potent and creative devices from them, brought their e-cigarette brand to an even higher level.
Wotofo love vaping and creating products with a focus on safety, innovation and quality. They take pride in remaining at the forefront of the latest and most advanced vaping technology and BKS Tradeline are proud to be wholesale distributors of Wotofo e-cigarettes and accessories in the UK.

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Other Brands

E-cigarettes & accessories that don't belong to any of the larger brands.

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