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Hardware Returns

Posted by BKS Tradeline on 28/11/2016 16:54

Important Returns Notice

Due to the increasing amount of non-faulty items being returned & the increasing amount of products being returned which have not been originally supplied by ourselves (Including a percentage of FAKE products). We have now been forced to introduce a much more strict returns policy which must be adhered to.


We have had to introduce these measures as we are unable to receive credit ourselves from the manufacturer on many items & our current bill of non faulty or fake returns runs at 10’s of thousands of pounds.


1.    All returns must be authorised with a completed returns slip prior to being returned to us.

2.    All faulty e-cigarette kits must be returned as a complete kit not just the faulty part. ie Mod, Tank, Charging Cable, Battery & COMPLETE PACKAGING & SERIAL NUMBER etc.

Please note some products serial number is on the outer packaging make sure you advise you customers to keep ALL PACKAGING  It may be an idea to log serial numbers on the customers receipt to help at your end.

3.Any goods found to be not faulty / misused or fakes will be returned to yourselves with your next order & no credit will be given. (90% of tanks returned to us only need a new coil!!!!!) Tanks leaking from air holes is almost always the wrong or badly inserted coil or the wrong liquid for the tank.

4.Make sure you know your products, check them thoroughly and check for fakes even if returned in correct packaging.

       (Some returned items have original packaging but have been switched for a fake product!). Make sure all coils are primed prior to use explain this to your staff & customers if you don’t know how to prime a coil please call us, but you should already know.


5.Things to check include : Ensure the unit is charged, the coil is new, it turn off/on and fire ok etc. Many leaking tanks are due to the incorrect liquids being used ensure you are aware of which liquids should be used in which tanks.

6.      Any cracked or damaged tanks must be unused (Damaged used tanks are normally caused when items are dropped they do not normally crack etc       during use, check for marks where they may have been dropped etc).


7.All items are now carefully logged at this end & any items which we may credit you for if upon returning to the manufacturer are found to be no creditable will be charged back to your account.
8.Obviously all efforts will be made by us to recover costs for all products but to enable us to continue to supply these products we have had to introduce these measures as our losses are far to high & we can not continue to accept non returnable items.
9. Certain products are of a disposable nature ie CE4, CE5 & Pheonix  etc and no returns will be accepted on any these items.

           You wouldn’t believe how many disposable items we have returned because they have stopped working. Disposable tanks & coils have a life span of approx 1 -4 weeks depending on usage.


10.All coils are also of a disposable nature & again no returns will be accepted on these items.
11.By placing future orders you are agreeing to the above terms of business.
12.Due to the above measures returns may take a little longer than normal but every effort will be made to process them in less than a week.

We have checked with our local trading standards & if you are in doubt you are quite within your rights to refuse refund or exchange until items have been checked for authenticity / misuse / tampering etc.

We hope you all understand our reasons for the above measures any questions by all means give us a call.


Sales Checklist


Explain to your customer how to use their new purchase(This will cause less problems for both you & ourselves)

1.How to fill with E-Liquid & which type of liquid to use in specific tanks. You can not use any liquid in any tank. (ie PG/VG Ratio).
2.How to charge the Mod & what they can & can’t use to charge them with.

       (Never charge e-cigarettes with mobile phone plugs only use a PC or a specific e-cigarette charging plug).

3.Never Leave a fully charged Mod on charge ie overnight etc.
4.Explain that the coil & / or tank are disposable & that they will need replacing on a regular basis.
5.Make sure you are supplying the correct replacement coils.
6. Make sure that all coils are primed prior to use.
7.Never exceed the maximum power output for their tank / coil.
8.Never use a nickel coil in a non T/C mod.
9.Never use a kanthol coil in a T/C mod when T/C in enabled.
10. Never incorrectly insert a battery.
11. Never leave a loose battery in your pocket with keys, coins etc.
12. Always replace a damaged battery, even if it only has minor damage to the casing.
13. Offer alternative Drip Tip wide narrow & bore etc.
14.Don’t forget to offer Liquids with the kits.
15.Don’t forget to give a receipt & log serial numbers (To help you with returns faults etc).
16.Mech Mods & RDA’s are for experienced users only (Those with an understanding of the ohms Law).
17. Don’t just sell the product without any explanation.
18.Advise customers to read the instructions in addition to the above information.
19.Learn your products if you need help or advice by all means call us on 01206-868999 we are here to help but not to do your job for you read up on your products & / or check out youtube.


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